Saad Lamjarred on holiday!

Insight: Youth are done with the limitations holding them back; their own passivty and the social rules surrounding them. Its time to ACT and spark unexpected experiences. Idea: Don’t just say it, do it. Brand Role: Inciting youth to explore the unexpected by providing them with the tools/emojis that will enable them to act NOW. Fact: There is no doubt that all celebrities love the feeling of being famous. They get the best treatment everywhere they go. But sometimes it gets a little bit too much with all the concerts, the media obligations, criticism and the crazy fans… That’s when most celebrities travel on holidays to far away destinations to unwind. Story: When Arab Fans bump into their STAR on an exotic island, it's a FIESTA.. 3 Saudi friends who are hardcore fans of Saad Lamjarrad, they spot their star on the island they're vacationing in! The boys can't hold their excitement but at the same time Saad is looking to relax away from fans and paparazzi! So he keeps disguising, they keep recognizing him, until their persistent fun spirit becomes too hard to resist!

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