Pepsi Ramadan & Football

Objective - Build a relevant football campaign spiced-up with Ramadan flavor. - We want Pepsi to be the main sponsor of ‘uniting’ people together in Ramadan through iftar, watching the EuroCup and playing street football. Idea This Ramadan, Pepsi's way of "doing good" is to revive "Street Football", a game that not only represents the real spirit of football but also celebrates authenticity, togetherness and good times. Execution The chronology of the events in the story (iftar, football viewing then playing) mimics the phasing in real life during Ramadan. It is built on the fact that people tend to play football later in the night during summer, especially that the EuroCup will air in the early evening post iftar. Furthermore, watching football/Euro will instigate the passion to gather and play football.

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