Pepsi 500ml

People love to end their meal with a refreshing sip. Our target audience loves the ritual of their meal. Food is a source of entertainment and they love to enjoy large portions of greasy food with their friends. However, with the Pepsi 355ml, they pace their drink to their meal. They have small sips with every bite so they can have some Pepsi after the last bite. But with the 500ml, they get longer sips with every bite, which makes their food experience refreshing and exciting. EVERY MEAL IS A BLAST with the Pepsi 500ml.

Advertising Agency: Impact BBDO, Jeddah
Client: Pepsi Co.
Creative Director: Moe Sarhi
Associate Creative Director: Shafiq Alam
Copywriters: Amar Hasan, Lynn Ramadan
Regional Account Director: Samer Khansa
Published: October 2013
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