I love how things have been going so far.
I love the enthusiasm I feel every morning. It makes everything so beautiful & exciting.
I love being close to nature. It inspires me big time.
I love tigers and lions so much.
I love Animal Planet and Nat Geo Wild.
I love how music can make me feel so high.
I love dancing, even under the rain.
I love the sunny days but I also love the full moon nights.
I love table tennis. Its my favorite sport.
I love the art of bodybuilding.
I love watching UFC.
I love cooking and eating healthy food.
I love yoga, contemplation and everything in between.
I love how I kissed goodbye everything in 2010 and went to India for 1 full year.
I love Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Mohamad.
I love simplicity.
I love people who are down to earth.
I love Jim Carrey.
I love my Golf GTI. Its such a thrill.
I love my work.
I love teamwork.
I love building teams.
I love copywriters and strategic planners.
I love how I smile when I read the copy which my partner 'Amar' writes.
I love the feeling after cracking a big idea. Its such an exciting feeling.
I love the journey from the moment the concept is born till its produced.
I love work that is based on deep human insights.
I love digging deep to find those insights.
I love whatever is being done on Snikcers, VW, Coca Cola and Old Spice.
I love AlmapBBDO and Wieden+Kennedy.
I love Mad Men tv show.
I love preparing presentations.
I love presenting to clients. Its so much fun.
I love it when the client can’t hide his love for the work.
I love how life keeps teaching me that things are not always what they seem.
I love how India can incredibly lift up my morale whenever it’s needed.
I love spiritual strength.
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